Pilsen and Pilsner Urquell Beer - Day into Night

Experience the best of Pilsen during a daylong tour of this unique city. Walk with us to the most interesting places in the city and learn about its history and stories. The tour also includes a visit to the world-famous Pilsner Urquell brewery with a tasting of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer tapped directly from the oak lager barrels in the historic brewery cellars. The program includes lunch in the largest restaurant in the Czech Republic - Na Spilce - at the brewery, and dinner at the renowned Šenk Na Parkáně - the most popular pub in Pilsen. After dinner the visit continues to several renowned pubs and bars, with recommendations for further evening programs (individual consumption in the pubs and bars after dinner not included in the price).

Program Start: Meet at 11:00 at U Salzmannů or pick up at hotel or parking lot (in case of more than 15 people, all can be agreed individually).

Price Includes: Guide service for the program, guided tour of the city center, three-course lunch with one drink, entrance fee for the tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery including beer tasting, dinner and drink, visit to the selected club or pub.

Price: 100 EUR per person (Price includes interpretation in a foreign language. 10% discount for children, students up to 26 years a seniors over 70 years)

Dates: Year-round

Difficulty: Medium (a long walk)

Recommendations / Restrictions: Bring a sweater or light jacket to the brewery cellars, beer tasting for guests 18 years old and over

Duration: cca 8-9h

Transport: On foot

Languages: Čeština, English, Deutsch

Capacity: 4 to 45 persons (for 1 to 3 persons individual program is possible)

Reservations: Need to book min. 3 days in advance

Possibility of individual program:

  • Capacity 1 to 3 persons
  • Price 125 EUR per person
  • For particular parts of the program, individual program might join a larger group

Suggested Additional Services and Activities to Order:

  • Accomodation and transport for discounted prices
Pilsen and Pilsner Urquell Beer - Day into NightPilsen and Pilsner Urquell Beer - Day into NightPilsen and Pilsner Urquell Beer - Day into NightPilsen and Pilsner Urquell Beer - Day into Night